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Preston Young comes to United Real Estate with 20 years of real estate experience and 14 years of real estate management experience. He is well-versed in contract and compliance management: he earned the title of Central Carolina Realtor of the Year in 2007 and sat as CCRA President in 2008. He has also served in various capacities for the state and local Realtor associations, as well as city and county boards. He is a steady source of knowledge and encouragement for the agents and a well-known member of the Columbia-area real estate community.

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The entire team at United Real Estate has contributed to the most amazing home purchase process a person could expect. They are simply a dynamic group of people with extensive interpersonal skills in addition to expertise in every facet of the business. Thanks team!

- Susan Red

Great Experience & Good people! I Highly Recommend!

- Hauloffs Kassie Morales

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! As a seller, a buyer, and an agent of United Real Estate, this is the BEST brokerage you can choose.

- J Wilson Plath

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